Bush’s Head Cut From ‘Game of Thrones’ DVD

Just weeks after criticism over a shot of what appeared to be a likeness of George W. Bush’s decapitated head on a stake in the Season 1 DVD of Game of Thrones, HBO has digitally removed the image. Another, anonymous head has been put in to replace the former president’s fake noggin.


In case you missed all the brouhaha: Earlier this month, news of the unfortunate coincidence hit the Web because show creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss talked about the remarkable resemblance on the DVD commentary. The scene appears in Episode 10 of the hit show’s first season. One might say that heads rolled. (Sorry!)

HBO apologized right away in order to quell any offense viewers might have taken, saying it was unacceptable and “in very bad taste.” Benioff and Weiss issued their own apologetic statement as well. Given the plethora of beheading scenes in Game of Thrones, though, one wonders if anyone would have noticed the gaffe at all if nobody had mentioned it. That profile does look a lot like Dubya’s, but you’d have to be a pretty attentive viewer to focus on one severed head.

Nevertheless, HBO acted quickly and altered the image to show a less objectionable head on the stake. Good thing, too — that hair George’s unlucky doppelgänger had was pretty gnarly. Thank the gods for digital technology! Otherwise, Bush, 43, might be immortalized in a way that’s not nearly as nice as a presidential library. Of course, since Season One has been out on DVD for several months, presumably there are quite a few of those original, Bush-head DVDs still out there. Will they become collector’s items now?

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