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It was business as usual so Bifson said despite the fact that one of his girls had been beaten up pretty bad the night before and that had got the heat involved and he didn't like that but you and Sally knew the score and got yourselves busy and ready and dressed in the skimpiest stuff he had provided and he knew what he wanted in that area of his business and he would stand there with that cold gaze on him and smoking those cheap cigarettes and talking in that drawl of his and insisting in that awful tone that you had to give them what they wanted and you had too and he couldn't afford to be sloppy or let personal things get to him besides the girl had probably been careless and you hated the way he called Milly the girl as if suddenly he couldn't remember her name despite the fact he had personally introduced her to his work himself and had no doubt seduced her when she was only a kid of sixteen or so and promised her mother he'd see her into show business and make her a star and that was the famous thing about his words they promised you the moon and gave you the sight of it from your window after you'd gone to bed and alone that is and not with some creep who wanted his urges taken care of or his odd taboo sorted in the bed or out of it depending on what it was he or she wanted and sometimes both and Bifson wouldn't want to know details about any of it not a jot would he entertain to know at all that is their business he'd say best remain so and he'd sniff the air and cough and wander off to see the other girls and lecture them on the dos and don'ts and to look out for the heat and be careful of the guys who ask for too much for too little as he had lectured you and Sally and on going off you'd poke your tongues out at him and give him the finger gesture and shake your heads and give each other a smile and pull those faces that said oh well here we go and hope to hell there wasn't going to be any of those weird guys out there tonight to entertain or no services beyond the call of duty as Sally called it in that New York voice of hers which you loved and listened to with fascination and having got ready with the gear he'd provided and sank your drink and smoked the cigarette you both gazed out at the night and its stars and moon and the streets bustling with people so many you'd think and you never thought death had released so many into this darn street with their ways and whims and ideas and wants and fears and woes and suddenly the whole sickly mess became so real and as you gazed at Sally's profile and her bright eyes reflecting the lights from the street and the stars and the moon you knew that you loved her and would want her to be always safe and not be some senseless victim or lost or beyond your kisses or embraces after the whole circus of the night was over and she and you could at last relax in each others arms and close your eyes to the whole thing and think about Milly who'd never smile in the same way again.


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