“Business Hotel for the Dead” Opens in Tokyo

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A “business hotel for the dead” is now open in Tokyo. That may seem like a really strange business to be in, but the non-profit organization that opened it saw a real need. And they may have a point.

The LISS Center’s Shin-Kiba facility in Tokyo’s Koto Ward is built to handle up to 37 bodies. They are placed in rooms with antibacterial lights to slow the decomposition process. UPI reports the LISS System is operating their business hotel for the dead as a service to the bereaved.

business hotel for the dead tokyoThe Tokyo-based facility costs 88 USD per night, so it’s a temporary stop for a loved one’s corpse. The business hotel for the dead allows people a chance to make preparations for the funeral without feeling rushed into it.

“We want families to have time to think,” said Nyokai Matsushima. So Tokyo’s “business hotel for the dead” was created. LISS System was already dedicated to assisting with funeral arrangements, so this was a natural outgrowth of their work.

Would Tokyo’s “business hotel for the dead” go over in the United States? Americans face similar issues with how quickly they must decide on funerals and other issues if the deceased failed to plan ahead.

Having an extra day or three to make plans for a loved one’s funeral would probably be a huge blessing for many. So Tokyo’s “business hotel for the dead” just might be something someone ought to think about for the United States and other countries as well.

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