Buy a book: Save the world of publishing!

Hi, folks.

No, this isn’t my usual Saturday Writing Essential piece. It’s not about writing, editing, book reviews, synopses, my family, funny kid stories, or the life of a writer.

It’s about saving the world of publishing!

My publisher just sent me this link to an article by an editor at a large publishing company. It explains what happened in the book industry in Sept/Oct of this year, and is rather alarming.

Here’s the link:  What went wrong

If you’d like to help, and buy a book, I’ve posted several of my own recommendations here. Most are from authors who aren’t mass marketed, but should be. ;o)

Lazar’s Recommendations

Also, if you’d like to see what popular authors live in my library, you can get a taste here:

Lazar’s Library

Of course, I love it when you buy my books, too. But there’s no pressure on that front. LOL.

If you’re stymied for holiday presents, consider a book! It’s a gift that will last a lifetime, and hopefully be shared among the whole family.

Warmest regards,

Aaron Paul Lazar, playing a sad song below and hoping you’ll buy someone’s book today!

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