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Challenge:  Write either a story or poem, fiction or non-fiction about modern Space department Projects.






© 2013 by David Wainland

“Bill, so good to see you.”

“Leonard, I thought you gave up attending Star Trek conventions?”

“So right, Bill, but since they timed this with the first manned mission to Mars I thought it would be appropriate. I love they let us on board to inspect the ship before the launch.”

“I can’t believe you’re even wearing the ears, Lenny.”

“And you, in your uniform, Bill, though it would look better if the jacket fit. Your stomach is bursting out and hanging over your belt. As far as the ears, they’re mine. I had them done a couple years back. If that’s all they remembered me for I figured I might as well.”

“Interesting, Spock, may I call you Spock? I’m more comfortable with that.”

“Whatever Bill, but I’m not calling you Captain.”

“You had better, Mr. Spock. I’m in charge of this five year mission.”

“That’s funny, Bill, you planning to fly this ship standing behind your walker? They should never let you come aboard for a tour.”

“Tour, what tour, buckle yourself into your wheel chair. Scotty do we have full power yet?”

“I’m trying my best Captain.”

“Bill, you sound just like Scotty on the intercom. That’s a great imitation.”

“You bet your pointy ears it is, Mr. Spock.”

“Bones, oh God, that voice also?”

“You have the con Sulu. Give me warp speed.”

“Yes sir Captain, warp speed it is.”

“Bill don’t touch that button, Bill are you listening? Biiiiiillllll…”

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