Cable Companies Lose Customers by the Thousands

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Cable companies are reporting that they have lost customers by the thousands; in fact, they are losing them by the hundreds of thousands. Time Warner Cable lost 155,000 subscribers from July to September and Comcast Corporation lost 275,000 in the same time frame. There is more than one explanation being used to explain why these companies are losing customers so quickly.

The internet could be to blame for the loss. It’s simple today to find movies and current television shows for almost nothing on the internet. You can even connect your computer to your television and watch anything you want on a full screen with the family. Another theory is that because of the economy many families can no longer afford cable. With some cable packages easily hitting 100 dollars or more, money conscience families are canceling cable simply because they can do more with the money.

Could this be a sign that our society is shifting its priorities? It’s possible that since families can’t afford to sit in front of the television and “veg out” all day, they may spend more time with their families, on school work, or another productive hobby that increases their knowledge or physical self.

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