Caged (Repost for Wednesday Writing Essentials)

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She lived in a 6 x 6 cage.  Most people would go crazy.  She found it cozy.  She needed boundaries, and the cage provided those.

Master fed her when she was hungry. He gave her water when she was thirsty. He washed her when she was dirty.  He brushed her hair when it became matted. He took her for a daily walk so that she would get some exercise. He made love to her when she became lonely.  He punished her when she was rude or disobedient.  Sometimes he punished her just for his own pleasure.

People would pass by and stare at her, thinking it odd that one so beautiful would be caged.  Sometimes they would spit upon her, or throw things at her.  She would just close her eyes and remember they did not matter in this world that she had chosen for herself.  And even though they could see her, she knew that she was safe within the locked cage.

One day, Master did not come to check on her.  Her stomach rumbled.  Her mouth was parched with thirst.  Her body ached to get up and go for a walk.  She reached up and tried to run her fingers through her hair, but it was a tangled mess.  She tried to cry out for help but she had no voice.  

Two more days passed, and Master still had not come to check on her.  She lay on the ground, feeling hopeless and lost.  People came by and looked at her.  No longer were they throwing things at her.  Now they just looked at her with pity, and she found that even more unbearable. She wanted no pity.

They asked her what her name was, and she couldn't remember.  It had never really mattered before.  They asked her if she needed help, but all she really needed was Master.  He would know what she really needed.  

She needed water, but  had no idea how to ask for it.  Master had always provided it for her without her asking.  She needed food, but she had no idea how to ask for that either.  

She lay on the ground and felt another day come to an end.  No lights were coming on inside of  Master's house, and as she closed her eyes…she knew that it was the end of her world.

She began to count the stars in the sky…wondering what it must be like to be a beacon in the darkness…wondering if there was a life for her somewhere beyond the cage.

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