Cain Annoyed at Stupid Questions from ‘Ron Paulites’

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Why is Herman Cain annoyed at Ron Paul supporters? The pizza mogul lays it out plain and simple like – it’s all those stupid questions. In the October 4th release of his book titled “This Is Herman Cain”, the once chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City writes:

“I get the same stupid question at almost every one of these events, I know it’s a deliberate strategy. How can a person randomly show up at a hundred events and ask the same stupid question to try to nail me on the Federal Reserve? It’s really becoming annoying more than anything else.”

It seems as if these “Paulites”, as Cain calls them, are worried about the candidate that may be the closest ideology-wise to their chosen one. Their worries may be well founded as both candidates tout strict constructionist ideals but Mr. Cain is a fresher face with very little political baggage to hide.

Another reason to expect to see Herman Cain annoyed for the foreseeable future is his first-place finish in the Florida straw poll last week. That win ensures that more voters will be listening when he speaks about his conservative values and quite possibly swinging some supporters away from Senator Paul.

The ex-CEO of Godfather’s Pizza may have been long in gaining name recognition, but now that he’s on top, it seems that he’s ready to deliver.

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