‘Cake Boss': ‘Fast Hands and a Flaming Pearl’ Recap

Staff and family continue to talk about the absence of Mary. Although it is a much more relaxed environment with her being gone, most believe her no longer being a part of the team leaves a void.

Cake Celebrating the Chinese New Year

Tonight on Cake Boss, Buddy is visited by a non-profit group who wants a cake in celebration of the Chinese New Year—the Year of the Dragon. The cake will be featured in a parade, and the design would include two large dragons holding a flaming pearl. The real challenge, however, is that the client wants the flaming pearl to actually light up. To create the cake, Buddy begins with a humongous structure. He then chisels the cakes into a Chinese themed building. Meanwhile, the dragons are sculpted and a tasty mandarin butter cream frosting mixed to cover the cake. To create the red pearl, Buddy uses sugar and fire. He then places it atop an LED light to give it a glow (or look of light).

Boxing Bag Cake

Another client featured on Cake Boss tonight is a boxing gym. They are hosting a boot camp and would like a weathered, old-school boxing bag made in cake. To create the cake, Buddy actually uses his fist to beat the cake, and puts duct-tape like fondant across the cake. Also, while meeting with the clients, Buddy invites Cousin Anthony to sit down. Again, Buddy challenges him. The challenge—if Anthony lasts 2 1/2 minutes in the ring with a purple belt fighter, he gets two days off. If he loses, Buddy gets to cut Anthony’s hair. When the team delivers the cake, the boxing match commences. Anthony holds his own and actually wins the bet.

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