‘Cake Boss': Liberty, Layups & a Loaded Dinner Recap

Tonight on Cake Boss, the family remembers and researches their ancestor’s arrival in the United States from Italy. Even more special, Mauro, Buddy’s brother-in-law and Head Decorator is sworn in as a United States citizen. To celebrate, the team creates a Statue of Liberty cake. Additionally, Buddy gets a visit from Chris Hurley, the wife of legendary high school basketball coach Bob Hurley. Buddy and his team are asked to create a cake in celebration of Coach Hurley’s stellar career.

Statue of Liberty Cake

In creating the Statue of Liberty cake, the team disagrees on the facial expression on Lady Liberty. The decorators work really hard as the intent is to make the cake a near exact replica of the statue. The cake is actually created in two parts, Lady Liberty herself and the base. The base is very detailed and exact. Upon completion, the cake is breathtaking. The team delivers it to Ellis Island, which is a feat because of its weight. Ultimately however they get it there safely and spectators and employees are just thrilled.

In between work on the cake, Mauro discusses the citizenship test and meeting his wife Maddalena in Italy. Seems Buddy’s dad introduced the two which resulted in Mauro relocating to the US. Meanwhile, the family meets with Mary to discuss her conflict with Buddy. They are hopeful the two will talk, but Mary is adamant she is too angry to talk now. The others believe both Mary and Buddy are too stubborn to work it out.

Coach Hurley’s Cake

Bob Hurley’s cake will be four tiers, each tier reflecting a decade of his career. The tiers are covered with fondant in the school’s colors. At the top of the first tier, there is a miniature creation of Coach Hurley himself. Once complete, the Cake Boss team delivers the cake to the school gymnasium. Coach Hurley is surprised and amazed.

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