Cake Boss: ‘Presidents, Peanut Butter & Popping-In’ Recap

Tonight on Cake Boss, Buddy is challenged to create a Mount Rushmore cake in honor of one of the carvers. The team’s sculpting and carving skills are really put to the test with this cake. Adding to the pressure. Buddy opts to sculpt the face of President Abraham Lincoln despite his lack of sculpting experience. It takes him seven hours straight to complete the task, but he is really pleased with the outcome. After the faces are done, trees and rocks are made. Next, the structure of the mountain is put together using tons of Rice Krispie treats. Finally, the treats are covered with fondant and painted in a luster dust and an array of brown colors.

Also tonight on Cake Boss, new intern Marissa is asked by Buddy’s sister Lisa and his wife to make a peanut butter cake. She is hesitant because of other responsibilities, but feels she can’t say no to Buddy’s wife. She is also really nervous about failing at this task. Nonetheless, the cake tastes really good and everyone is pleased.

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