‘Cake Boss’ – Stained Glass and a Surprised Danny Recap

Tonight’s Cake Boss begins with the finale of Buddy’s meeting with his sister Mary. Mary has repeatedly had problems with tardiness as well as her relationship with employees at the bakery. Consequently, Buddy ends the meeting by telling Mary she will no longer be a manager at Carlo’s Bakery. Although he questions his decision, especially wondering how his dad would have handled the situation, he concludes it is the best move for the bakery.

Stained Glass Cake

Buddy is invited to a church for a meeting with a priest. The priest asks Buddy to create a cake around the concept of stained glass windows. To create the cake design, Buddy first makes a tiered cake covered in white. He then pipes the outline of the windows as well as shapes similar to those in the church windows. The crew then works together to color in the boxes. It was very tedious work, but resulted in a phenomenal cake. Buddy and a few staffers deliver the cake to the church and present it to their former music director.

Danny’s Birthday/Mary Is Missed

Later, the team makes plans for Danny, a long-time employee who is celebrating his 50th birthday. The staff seems relieved that Mary is no longer in her position, but the sisters really miss her and are saddened by her absence. Meanwhile, the team works on Danny’s cake which is hilarious. It includes many pictures his family and tons of things that he likes or represents him. This includes a mule (because he works hard), shrimp and playing cards. At the party, guests wear mustaches to honor him and he is genuinely surprised. His daughter also flies in from Florida for the special day.

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