Caleb Teodorescu Drowned 2-Year-Old Boy Survives 30 Minutes Under Water

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A drowned 2-year-old boy spent 30 minutes at the bottom of a pool and lived to tell about it against all odds. The little boy named Caleb was medically dead when paramedics pulled him out of the water. The boy’s parents are hailing his survival as a miracle, and what a great time for a holiday miracle for sure.

Caleb Teodorescu Drowned 2-Year-Old Boy Survived 30 Minutes Under WaterCaleb Teodorescu’s parents believed he was dead after his accident in the pool. What a terrible ordeal they went through. No doubt the fact that the drowned 2-year-old Caleb survived is the biggest blessing they have ever received.

After Caleb’s heart restarted, doctors put Caleb in therapeutic hypothermia right after his heart restarted to help protect his brain from injury. Even so, doctors expected the drowned 2-year-old would suffer brain damage and other negative effects from his experience underwater so long.

Amazingly, when the little boy woke up, he was perfectly fine. Caleb is normal, and he has even gained more speech than he had before the accident. Can you believe it? His recovery defied the odds, and perhaps it will give doctors hope and knowledge for how to treat patients who have drowned in the future. What a lucky little boy, and what a blessed family he has.

The paramedics who saved Caleb’s life were amazed to see him riding a tricycle around the hospital grounds. It must have been a wonderful feeling to know that they had played a part in making sure he is alive today.

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