California Cheerleaders Skirts Too Short for School

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A principal in California deemed her cheerleaders skirts too short. They were so risqué, in fact, that she had them put on pants underneath them if they wore them to school on game days.

California Cheerleaders Skirts Too Short for SchoolThe San José Piedmont principal Traci Williams told cheerleaders that the cheerleading uniform skirts violated a handbook dress code rule banning miniskirts in the school. Because of this, the squad will have to wear something under the skirts on game days to avoid getting in trouble.

Of course, the cheerleading squad is not happy about the rules applying to the squad’s $300 custom uniforms used to increase school spirit on game days. Cheerleader Antonia Bavilacqua said, “This is really unfair to us. The skirts are still OK for games, just not during school. We’re just sad and hurt. It’s our school colors and spirit. And they’re making us feel like outcasts.”

At this point, it does not sound like Williams has any intention of easing up on her enforcement of the miniskirt ban, which is great. In future years, the squad needs to get longer skirts for their uniforms, and then this rule would not even apply to the squad. The dress code has to be enforced to avoid obscene clothing in school, and kudos to this principal for sticking to her principles and making sure her school enforces this rule through all the halls.

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