California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Ponders Building Prison in Mexico to House Illegal Immigrants.

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Schwarzenegger said in a speech to the Sacramento Press Club on Monday that besides raising taxes, California could find money by cutting pension costs, allowing offshore oil drilling, and lowering prison expenditures.

Schwarzenegger said, “We can do so much better, in the prison system alone, if we can go and take inmates – for instance, the 20,000 inmates that are illegal immigrants that are here – and get them to Mexico…We pay them to build a prison down in Mexico and then we have those undocumented immigrants be down there in the prison…Half the cost to build the prisons and half the cost to run the prisons. That is money, again, a billion dollars right there that can go into higher education. That is an example of one of the things we do that is unnecessary spending.”

There are several unanswered questions about his proposals and as of now there is nothing official.


What do you think about this proposal?


Sacramento Bee Link:

Schwarzenegger asks: Why not build prisons in Mexico?


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