California Woman Has Child Support Garnished but They Aren’t Her Kids!

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All deadbeat, child support avoiding parents should be hunted down and punished. This is a given. But what happens when you suddenly find that your wages are being garnished for support of children that aren’t yours? That is what happened to Claudia Casillas of California. One day her boss handed her a copy of the Income Withholding Order issued by the state of Arizona and told her he had to comply. Casillas had her pay garnished immediatly for three girls whose mother had obviously skipped out on them. The problem here is that Casillas only has one child, he is male and 20 years old.

File:Arizona-StateSeal.svgThe state of Arizona says they have an automated and manual process that locates deadbeat parents and issues wage garnishment orders for support. They use the information provided by the custodial parent to locate the deadbeat. In this case, Casillas had the same first and last name plus the same birth month and birth year. The state had only been given the name and date of birth of the noncustodial parent in the case. During the search for the real deadbeat, Casillas’ social security number popped up because of the name and birth month and year match and the order to garnish her wages was issued. First off, why did the father of these three girls not have their mother’s social security number? How do you bring three children into the world and not know this simple information about your partner? Secondly, why didn’t the state of California verify they were garnishing the correct woman’s wages? It is not like the woman has an extraodinarily unique name.

Sadly, when Ms. Casillas contacted the state to try to correct the matter, she was blown off and treated like a deadbeat parent when she in fact was a victim of careless work on the part of the state of Arizona. Thankfully a local news station got involved and helped put an end to the wage garnishment of Ms. Casillas’ paycheck. The state goes back to square one searching for the deadbeat mother who owes child support on the three girls she refuses to support.

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