California’s First Lady is no Lady! Outrage!

According to TMZ, “The rebellious First Lady of California was walking out of Peet’s Coffee in Santa Monica when a vigilant parking enforcement officer noticed her meter had expired. The officer pulled out his rusty, trusty “auto-cite” device to ticket the vehicle, when suddenly one of Maria’s security dudes from the CHP’s Dignitary Protection Unit ran up to him, flashed his badge at the officer and did some fast talking.”

This is disgusting.  The officer, and the first lady, Maria Shriver Kennedy Schwarzennegger  should both be fired.  The governor should be impeached. Here is a woman who is making her life’s way by “serving” the public, and she uses her position to flaunt her power.  This is America.  Last I checked, California is still connected to the United States of America.  Shame on her.  Scream foul next time you get a ticket folks!  How is this to be tolerated?  She not only ran over with the meter but flaunts it by finishing her muffin.  I am furious!  This is not rebellion: this is more Kennedy’s getting away with disregarding the laws of our country, and not having to pay like the rest of us.

TMZ has it all on video.


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