‘Californication’ Recap: Hank Moody Is Guilty of Rape – Season 4 Episode 11

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Californication season 4, episode 11 Hank Moody appears to be headed for jail. HeÂ’s found guilty of statutory rape. Moody struggles with his ego and tries to make amends with himself and his family. ThereÂ’s a softer side to Moody, almost nostalgic. HeÂ’s looking for a safe harbor in his family and friends. ThereÂ’s a real almost down to earth side to this wild man. Perhaps he’s taking a closer look at his actions…

Moody has dreams about sexually active nuns and then flips it to dreams of being in a “Leave it to Beaver” home life with Karen dressed as a 1950s subservient wife and Becca as the perfect daughter. Even Moody, in his dream, is the “ideal” 1950s, responsible husband and father.

Hank MoodyAt the end of episode Karen references that she wants to have sex with Moody, perhaps one last time before he heads to the slammer. We also see Becca trying to re-engage a relationship between Karen and Hank with old time friends Charlie and Marcy. The five of them sit at the dinner table and speak inappropriately, somewhat embarrassing for Becca. But Becca’s a trouper and states, “It’s nice, seeing you guys together, reminds me of a better time.”

Will Moody be headed to jail or will his sentencing be easy with perhaps probation? Next week is the season finale of Californication with Rob Lowe. Stay tuned?

Californication airs on Showtime, Sunday 9 PM ET/PT

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