Californication Season 3 Episode 2

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Last nights Episode 2 of ‘Californication’s’ Season 3 made me question a few things about how far the network is willing to go.  Newly named and certainly reluctant professor Hank Moody wrestles with teaching an undergrad creative writing course.  Ed Westwick, from ‘Gossip Girl,’ plays a gay student struggling to find his way and passion as a writer.  Hank Moody’s remorseless assessment of Ed’s characters work, puts Hank in hot water.  Hank gets in trouble with the Dean and in order to pacify the issue Hank visits the student to make amends.

Hank gets advice from Charlie about his gay student. Charlie says everyone is gay or has done something gay, it is part of life.  Hank uses Charlies story as damage control in the hospital with his student.  Making everyone feel better about the situation.  Meanwhile Charlie unduly takes interest with his roommate (estranged wife) Marcy’s dating life.

There is a whole premise with Marcy’s character having a sexual fantasy with one of the men she is dating.  The fantasy is rape.  I do not agree with the show portraying that women fantasize about being raped.  Rape is a terrible thing that no woman would want to endure–and to have it on a show in a glorified and fantasized manner is completely inappropriate.  I think that this episode went a little too far in a very negative way; which is really a shame because I think the show itself is really good.  They could have redeemed themselves by saying how screwed up the fantasy was, instead of making it seem like it is every woman’s dream–which it most definitely is not.


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