‘Californication’ Season 5 Plot Revealed – What Is Next for Hank Moody?

Earlier this week, fans of Californication watched as Hank Moody drove off into the sunset at the end of season four with the promise of something different–a new beginning for all involved. Now, the creator of the series, Tom Kapinos, is revealing what fans should expect when the series returns with season five.

According to Digital Spy, the series will jump three years into the future for season five. This means Hank Moody is just wrapping up his probation, and he has moved on with his life. He has moved to New York, and he has written another successful book about his time in Los Angeles.

When season five picks up, he will return to Los Angeles on business, and he somehow gets stuck there. Everything will change. Becca will be 19 now, and there is no telling if Karen is still with Ben or not. This is all fans know for now. Production is set to start on this new season later this spring.

The bad news here is–this could end up being the final season for the Showtime series. Kapinos sees the end with season five or six. Of course, if the fans want more out of Hank Moody, something can be arranged. What do you think? Do you want more out of Hank and Californication?

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