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I think I'm like a rolling stone in that I'm addicted to travel.  I keep my toiletries bag and other items continuously packed for my next get away and as soon as a trip is scheduled, I draw a picture on the jet away date of a plane ascending into the clouds.  I've been very blessed to be able to see a lot of things and yet I still marvel at plowing through snow in the a.m. wearing a parka and boots and being able sit under a palm tree in a tank top and sandals to enjoy lunch.

 My next trip is in early September to San Francisco.  It's business but as long as I take my computer with me, I'll have some free time before I need to come home.  I haven't explored a lot of California but I've been to S.F. before and recently so I'm thinking of renting a car and going for a drive.  I should have two and a half days to work with.  Any advice?  Yosemite?  The coast?  North?  The wine country?  Any off the beaten path places you're glad you didn't miss?

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