‘Call ‘Em Racists': Lib Super PAC Not-So-Secret MO

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Just call them racists. That’s the word from the national campaign manager of liberal, progressive Super PAC CREDO. Matthew “Mudcat” Arnold told a group in Colorado, “When we said that Steve King (Rep. Steve King, [R-IA]) … is pro-life and believes in cutting Social Security and voted for the Ryan budget, no one cared. When we said Steve King’s a racist, Steve King believes that immigrants ought to be put in electric fences, people moved.” Naturally, Arnold didn’t add the word ‘illegal’ when talking about those immigrants King wanted to stop at the border.

Steve King, official Congressional photo portraitThe Daily Caller has an audio tape of the September 8th gathering in Aurora by the PAC that headlines its website, ‘Take Down the Tea Party Ten‘. They have labeled their ‘targets’ (Sarah Palin used a photo and got slammed, CREDO uses the actual words, ‘target’, ‘takedown’, etc. and it’s okay) with ridiculous nicknames like ‘Queen of Crazy’ for Michele Bachmann, ‘Beyond Crazy’ for Allen West and ‘The Ultimate Embarrassment’ for Mike Fitzpatrick. They list the ‘evidence’ of each ‘targets’ wrongdoing with links to many things taken so far out of context it’s a wonder anyone can take them seriously.

To people with their finger on the pulse of American politics, the methods of this Super PAC don’t come as a surprise. Its been obvious, especially with the current administration, that calling Republicans ‘racists’ is part of a widespread plan. Most of the time, it’s so far out of left field, rational people can only shake their heads in confusion. The bizarre notion that anyone who disagrees with President Obama’s policies must be a racist has truly caught on as modus operandi for liberals.

Arnold told the gathering of supporters that they have discovered that “policy did not move voters”. He said, “We want to stop people who have hijacked our community, who have hijacked the national platform and who are advocating policies and saying things in public that embarrass us.” Mr. Arnold might want to take a look in the mirror. Using something as hurtful as racism for a political ploy is pretty darn embarrassing, in fact, it’s downright shameful.

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