‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2′ Latest Reveal, Campaign, Release Date (Trailer)

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The latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 buzz beyond the November release date involves the newest reveal in the campaign. The trailer shows how Treyarch has pushed the boundaries with branching missions and Elite content. Be afraid Halo 4, be very afraid!

Ops Call Fans: Here’s the Deets

If you loved the missions and Call of Duty Elite maps in “Black Ops,” you’re in for a mind-blowing upgrade into a near-futuristic 21st century Cold War campaign, citing a CNET report.

While multi-player intel has not been released, the folks at Treyarch were kind enough to tease you with what’s coming in the newest trailer. There’s even talk of an eight-player co-op Black Ops 2 zombies mode. Imagine that?

The newest reveal for the Call of Duty video game has a retired Sgt. Frank Woods relegated to a wheel chair. The old geezer looks a bit shell-shocked, and is reflecting back on how things were just a few years ago.

It is obvious that what he foresees about the future of modern warfare is total oblivion of U.S. forces for the use of advanced technology. Heck, what’s wrong with amphibious vehicles, hover crafts, laser-guided artillery shells, robots, and X-ray vision?

Three things are definitely wrong with that picture: Vehicles are unmanned, there are robots, and as Sgt. Frank Woods said…the creators of the technology forgot to say what to do when the enemy steals the key.

More Call of Duty: Black Ops Features

If that didn’t get you excited about the new Call of Duty release date, there’s more. Heard of the Quadrotor? You’ve probably seen a prototype of it at a local Brookstone sans the machine gun.

Word is this baby may be in the upcoming Call of Duty release. It will likely be part of a killstreak reward and has functionality like the RC-XD. Here’s a real version of what it may look like.

So fasten your seatbelts; the wait for the release date is November 13. Don’t miss the action, lest you fall victim to the zombies clutches.

Check out the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer below:

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