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I’m writing a fictional past tense narrative……how do I keep it from being passive?  My ‘little  ole lady spy’, is writing about her most recent adventure, telling what happened. I want her to show what happened.  Can anyone redo this part to give me an idea of how it’s done?

Settling into my Business Class seat, I pull out my Kindle, pretending to read.  It’s the best way to keep seatmates from bothering me. I can’t let mindless chatter distract me. I am trained to be constantly alert to all potential danger when on a mission.  I am always careful to be sure of not being followed.  Sometimes I wonder who would follow a 64 year old, gray haired senior citizen, supposedly on vacation to Europe?  There is usually no one, except this time I was being followed. Although I didn’t see him or her, my intuitive alert system was on high alert.

Nearing our cruising altitude, I got (should this be got or get?) that gut feeling, the intuitive flash, the ‘almost right between-the-eyes punch’, screaming at me that I am not only being followed, but in danger.  I was “in the cross-hairs,” as Jake, my trainer back at SIP, calls it.

My training emphasized appearing normal.  No nervous gestures.  Just stay calm, relaxed, show no signs of stress.  Fortunately I was well trained.  I could do it outwardly, but inside my stomach was churning, my nerves taut.  God, I am getting too old for this, but then I was old when I began working for SIP, Systems Intelligence Program.

This is near the beginning of the narrative.  I love the story, it’s almost at the final chapter, but as I was reading it yesterday, it seemed bland…..perhaps because I’ve read it so many times, but I think it might be too passive……HELP,

The characters go from NY to London, then to Paris, and eventually a B&B in the south of France.  I need to liven it up and I am hoping you all can comment on how to show, not tell and be active, not passive.  Your advice will be priceless.

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