Callista Gingrich Hair Helmet Creates Buzz

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GOP nominee Newt Gingrich has surged in the polls, but he may not have been helped much by his wife Callista Gingrich and her hair helmet. In fact, this perfect hairstyle has even inspired a new Funny or Die video.

Callista Gingrich Hair Helmet Creates Buzz, Inspires Funny or Die VideoGingrich’s hair is basically too perfect. It’s too blond, too straight and too hairsprayed into what appears to be a helmet. Some people even feel that her hair would actually crack if she slouched. Others said she may be a prisoner to her hair because it’s nearly impossible to achieve.

What do you think? Is the hair impermeable? Does Callista Gingrich actually have some type of styling aid that nobody else knows about? How can she get it that perfect and that stiff?

Meanwhile, in the Funny or Die video (below), Casey Wilson tries to do an impression of Newt Gingrich’s third wife, but even trying desperately, she does not get the impermeable hairstyle down. Are you surprised that the Callista Gingrich’s hair helmet isn’t easily reproduced?

Callista Gingrich on Open Marriage from Casey Wilson

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