‘Camelot’ Starz Season 1 Finale, Revalations, Episode 10

The last episode of the season of Camelot on Starz, “Revelations” season 1 episode 10, has ended on a whopper of a cliffhanger and set up the premise for more intrigue for next season.

The opening scene starts pretty much right where it left off last week, with Arthur still at Bardon Pass, fighting in a one man army. This is where Arthur shines as he defeats his foes through cunning. He is prepared to die there at Bardon Pass, all for Leontas, his brother, as well as his own honor. With this action, Arthur has become a man. When it looks like he is about to be defeated, his men come to his rescue and kill the rest of the bandits. As they all hug and laugh over the victory, one man left is about to shoot Arthur that is until Leontas jumps in front of him, saving Arthur but dying in the process. This was almost expected to happen because Arthur and Guinevere are destined to be together, that is until Lancelot comes into the picture.

Morgan leads the peasants, Igraine and Merlin, to Camelot. She takes over the castle not with force, but with deceit under the guise of sisterly concern. Because of Arthur’s affection for Morgan, none at Camelot disobey her. When one of her men comes to Camelot with Arthur’s sword, she knows without a doubt that she is fulfilling her destiny. With tears in her eyes and Arthur’s bloody sword in her hand, she walks among the people to let them know that he is dead. All of her planning has led up to this as the people shout at her to accept the crown. Merlin looks on in despair, chained and mouth covered as he listens. The plans that this woman does, just to secure a throne, is somehow desperate and wrong. Yet this is how the story goes.

Later, Morgan goes to Igraine’s room to gloat over her victory, and before Igraine could stop her, Morgan sticks Igraine with a knife in the belly. This is when Igraine reveals the truth that she was the one who sent her away, as her father was going to kill her. Morgan does not believe her, of course, and runs away from her, going into the hallway to bloody her wrist repeatedly on a stone wall. Was this some type of coping mechanism for her? It happened so randomly, who knows? The sad thing here was Igraine dragging her dying body across the floor and Merlin finding her, as she dies in his arms. This was a love that could have been wonderful, but it was cut short by a power-mad woman.

Just as Morgan is about to have all her wishes come true, Arthur comes to stop her coronation, which shocked everyone around, because he was supposed to be dead. This is Arthur’s defining moment where he finally sees that his sister does not care about him, and that she will do anything to secure the throne. As he is about to pass sentence on her, the Nun speaks up, taking the blame for all the plans that she and Morgan hatched. She is beheaded without much fanfare, and Morgan is stripped of the Pendragon name and exiled. Not taking this lying down, she hatches a plan that will set things in motion to come.

The last scene was symbolic, showing the roundtable and foreshadowing of things to come.

This last episode summed up the season. There were moments of utter boredom and other moments of predictability, yet this finale worked to show that Camelot can be a contender for fantasy medieval viewers.

What did you think of this series?

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