Camilla Parker-Bowles & Charles Divorce Rumors Surface

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Whispers that Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles are headed for Splitsville are gaining traction on the Internet, but you have to take the rumors with a grain of salt, because there really is no solid proof either way. According to Buckingham Palace insiders, Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are at loggerheads over the behavior of Queen Elizabeth, who is being accused of using her advancing age and various illnesses to manipulate everyone around her.

There are stories every week about Parker-Bowles feuding with someone in the British royal family. For months, sources were claiming she and Kate Middleton were ready to kill each other, because she was jealous of the attention the younger woman was receiving from the public. Fair or not, Parker-Bowles is routinely depicted as a troublemaker by unidentified sources from behind the palace’s red-brick walls.

What’s driving this new gossip is that Charles flew off to Switzerland for a ski vacation, and oddly left Camilla behind in England. According to sources, he left in a huff, because his wife was drinking too much, and complaining endlessly about the queen’s machinations.

Duchess of Cornwall 2012.JPGIt’s kind of tough to believe that Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall would divorce at this point in their lives after all they’ve been through. They’ve been together on and off, for four decades, and at one point, he even told Camilla in a letter he wanted to be her tampon. What’s more, the next-in-line to the English throne infuriated millions of Brits by marrying the woman blamed for his breakup with the beloved Princess Diana. Now, that’s love. There’s no way Charles is going to divorce Camilla over some silly feud over his mom.

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