Camille Chen Nude Scenes for Californication Emerge!

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Wow! Camille Chen is proving to be very dedicated to her art! In a recent episode of Californication, Camille lets it all hang out for the cameras! Chen seemed very confident File:Bosom-padsUSpatent143921 1873.gifduring her completely naked scenes. Yeah, it looks like there may be many more future nude scenes for this up and coming actress. Once you go naked, you donÂ’t go back, right?

Anyhow, besides a rather amazing body, Camille also has other talents. She is tri-lingual and able to speck Chinese, French and English. Chen also knows a variety of dances such as swing, salsa and hip hop. She has already had small roles on a number of big TB shows such as GreyÂ’s Anatomy, Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs.

However, Camille Chen willingness to go nude for Californication may be what her acting career needs to launch her into the next phase of acting: movies. SheÂ’s working steadily whilst most actors arenÂ’t and thatÂ’s what is really important.

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