Camille Grammer Custody War: Kelsey Grammer ‘Wrongfully Disparaged’ Her

Camille Grammer’s custody war with Kelsey Grammer has just gotten a little ickier. Camille is now claiming that Kelsey intended to ‘wrongfully disparage’ her and she’s got a point.File:Kelsey Grammer Fleet Week (crop).JPG

Seriously, take into account James Whitcomb Riley’s famous phrase: “When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.”

In this case, that duck’s name is Kelsey Grammer. To the outside world, he did indeed intend to ‘wrongfully disparage’ his wife of 12 years by having a public affair while tossing her and their kids aside like trash.

But, now, Kelsey wants the public to believe he’s a caring father and wants custody of his two children? Really? It seems more like Kelsey is worried he will have to pay massive amounts of child support to Camille Grammer if the children are in her custody. It’s so hard to pay for a homewrecker, an ex-wife and children! It’s just easier to have the kids at home with the woman who was banging away on him behind their mother’s back.

Geeze, anyway, an insider stated that Camille was going to “continue to fight aggressively to keep her kids and keep her kids together. Kelsey’s not been civil.”

Well, that whole uncivil part muse be the duck in him. One can only hope that those two kids will end up in a kind loving home. Should they be in Camille Grammer’s custody? Who knows but would you want them in Kelsey’s custody more?

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