Camille Grammer Felt ‘Uncomfortable’ About Meeting Kelsey’s Fiancée

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Camille Grammer felt uneasy about meeting Kelsey Grammer’s fiancée. In fact, neither woman would be thrilled in the company of the other, but it had to happen. Camille met Kayte Walsh on Thursday for the first time during a custody exchange with Jude, 5, and Mason, 8. It was Kelsey’s time to visit his children, and don’t you know that Kayte was there.

According to People, “‘It was interesting to say the least,’ the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 42, told Andy Cohen on Thursday night’s Watch What Happens Live. ‘I was delivering the kids to Kelsey, and he texted me and said, ‘Kayte will be there.’ And my girlfriend Deidre, who’s on the show with me, said we have to go down and meet her.”

They seemed cordial enough to one another and said hello. Camille Grammer noted that Kayte had a strong handshake. She admits it was uncomfortable, but it had to happen. Camille is considering ending her run on her reality television show as she has a lot of healing to do. She found out about Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh less than a year ago. Camille has been through so much, and it was in bad taste for Walsh to show up, but now that it’s over, it’s just one less hurdle that Camille has to jump in her healing process.

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