Camouflaged Camera, as reported by Larry

I wasn’t aware that I was going to be photographed sir and I do apologize.

If I had known, I would of buffed my peak, trimmed my claws and fluffed the feathers around my neck. As it was, I looked dirty, dull and a bit ragged. As you know, I am one that prides myself on my appearance, when I’m not working, that is.

I take my work very serious. I rise early, forage far and save primping for late afternoon. The only exception being, and this is a direct quote, I believe, from the manual, when in the presence of a human carrying a camera, you are to stop what ever you are doing to primp. I am well aware that primping assures our continued popularity with humans. Common Bird Knowledge has proven that a pretty bird remains a live bird, as pretty birds seem to be considered an assert to the human community.

Nowhere in the manual is it written on how to be prepared for camouflaged cameras.

Not even a paragraph on how to spot a camouflaged camera.

I have seen enough camera iris’s and heard 100’s of camera clicks to know when my image is being captured by one.

And I am positive that my picture was taken while in a most undigified position.

After my initial shock, I flew a large circle pattern around the roof top, looking for the hidden lens. Unsuccessful, I decided to fly my earlier incoming flight pattern towards the roof, this time a few feet higher. That’s when I spotted the glare off the lens. I of course, memorized the location for future reference. I am prepared to take you to the exact location of this hidden camera. After all, we birds need to stick together if we’re to survive.

This fun little “report” was inspired by this picture: Surprised Bird that I found yesterday while Stumbling about.

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