Can anyone answer a Question for me? (Moms and Docs plz… guys probably dont wanna read this… lol.)

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If i had my head together i would probably find it somewhere on the internet, but i have a bad sinus infection and i just got my antibiotics yesterday, along with what's making me more loopy, the cough med with codine in it. Onto the question. Ok… i'm 36 weeks prego tomorrow (yeeeees…. the home stretch!) and i havent started leaking or even crusting on my breasts… i heard that's not normal. I dont go back to the doc until tomorrow, but i would like to atleast get an idea of what's going on with me before i go in and ask questions so i'll have some idea of what i'm talking about :) I cant breastfeed anyways because of my medications i take (they're getting upped after i have him, i'm on very low dosage of my Seroquel), but i would like to know that my body's working right. A bunch of my friends just had kids, 3 last month! and they all started leaking around 6-7 months…. i'm 9 months tomorrow and NOTHING. Can anyone help me out? yeah, i dont have to go thru the annoyance of it, but i would atleast like experiance it! gotta have the whole package when prego, lol.

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