Can Casey Anthony Get A Fair Trial In Florida? Will she face the death penalty?

I read today that the judge in Casey Anthony’s case has decided to select a jury pool from outside of her home county. (Anthony lives in Orlando and that is where the crime supposedly happened.) With the exception of O.J., this murder trial has probably received more pre-trial publicity than any other…although I don’t know why this case has captured the media’s attention so much.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the case, Casey Anthony is charged with murdering her daughter, Caylee. The media has given Casey Anthony the name “totmom” or perhaps Nancy Grace gave it to her and it caught on. If my calculations are correct, Casey has been a murder suspect in Caylee Anthony’s death almost as long as she was a mom.

With all this media attention, I wonder if they’ll be able to find jurors who can honestly say they haven’t made an opinion on Casey Anthony’s guilt or innocence. The body was found just blocks from her house, the child was missing a month before it was reported. Anthony is a defendant in a civil suit against the legendary “Zanny the Nanny” that she first accused of taking Caylee. And then there’s Casey’s parents who are worthy of a whole different post.

The trial may last for months…the defense attorney says more than 300 witnesses are expected to be called. For all of you living in Florida, does every murder trial rate this much investigation? And does every trial bring in this many witnesses?

This judge appears determined to finally make the trial a reality.She ruled yesterday that Anthony can face the death penalty. Casey Anthony’s defense team had tried to argue that there was a gender bias. In my experience as a news junkie, I think the bias is the other way. I believe male defendants are much more likely to face the death penalty than female defendents.

What do you think about a gender bias in the use of the death penalty? Do you agree with it? Do you support gag orders that sometimes can limit pre-trial publicity?



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