Can Farrah Abraham Handle Single Motherhood?

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Being a single mother is hard, but it is always nice to have help from your family members. Farrah Abraham was lucky to have help from her parents for the first few years of Sophia’s life, but recently decided to move over 1,600 miles away from Council Bluffs, Iowa to sunny Miami, Florida. However, is true single motherhood too hard for the Teen Mom? It looks like it may have been, at least at first!

As most fans know, Farrah has always had a rough time dealing with her mother and as fans have watched in the previous weeks shows, Debra has not been making the move any easier for the already emotional Farrah. As fans will see on Tuesday night’s new episode, both her mom and dad are giving her a rough time of things and feel that she will not be able to be a good mother to her daughter.

In a preview clip, Farrah says, “My parents are being overbearing again. It’s annoying. I don’t need to pick up the phone to hear all of their reminders on how to parent my child.”

Is Farrah Abraham the one being too dramatic, though? Although she has been there for Sophia, her parents helped her out a lot. In her 16 & Pregnant days, Farrah wasn’t exactly the doting mother that she is now. In fact, there was a time when Farrah contemplated moving to the Sunshine State without her daughter, feeling that her parents could be more attentive to Sophia’s needs.

With that being the case, it seems wrong of Farrah to get upset when her parents check in. In her parents’ minds, they are dealing with a daughter who, just a few months ago, wanted to make the trip alone. Of course they are going to be concerned and wanting to know how things are going, any grandparent would.

How will things turn out? Does Farrah regret her decision to take Sophia? Find out on Teen Mom!

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