Can James Holmes Avoid the Death Penalty?

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Several Colorado politicians are exploring the feasibility of abolishing the death penalty, and of course, people are wondering how this would impact the James Holmes murder case.

“Those of us who are sponsoring it want to be sure we are going to be able to pass it before we introduce it. We are getting in confident in that,” State Representative Claire Levy remarked. “We have increasing concerns about the possibility of executing an innocent person. The data is overwhelming that it is not applied in an objective, consistent and fair way…. It’s applied inconsistently and arbitrarily.”

Prosecutors have promised to seek the death penalty against James Holmes, the 25-year California man, who allegedly opened fire inside a crowded movie theater in July. It’s unclear whether a repeal this year or next, would impact the Aurora shooting case. Considering he was arrested last year, would be tried under the old rules or the new?

Levy should be applauded for standing up for what she believes in, despite the current public sentiment in Colorado. People are justifiably outraged by the Aurora shooting, and many would love to see Holmes get the chair. But, if you sincerely disagree with the practice of capital punishment, which Levy obviously does, you should oppose it in all cases, even when you are appalled by the crime. It will be interesting to see how this proposal will be greeted by the public, and whether it will actually go anywhere.

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