Can Jeremy Lin Channel Tim Tebow and Save New York Knicks?

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Even as the Denver Broncos mull the future of Tim Tebow, his spirit stays strong in the heart of a young man in the NBA. Jeremy Lin saved the New York Knicks once. Does he have enough left to turn them around in the wake of disaster?

Lin credits Mike D’Antoni for NBA chance and stays quiet in Knicks turnover

Halting a six-game losing streak came too late for Mike D’Antoni. The New York head coach announced his resignation shortly following reports that players in the locker room had tuned him out. While it’s just another distraction for Knicks fans, one player who can say he never doubted D’Antoni was Jeremy Lin. The point guard from Harvard who rose to basketball stardom on the Linsanity wave credits the coach for giving him the chance to prove he could play at the pro level. Fittingly, Lin helped his team give D’Antoni a proper send off by routing the Portland Trailblazers 121-79 and ending the losing streak. It doesn’t however put New York in any better playoff standing. In order to climb back up the ladder they will need Lin to recall some of his old magic, an inspiration that came from another young athlete fearing for his future too.

Tebow awaits word from Denver Broncos on the Peyton Manning question

One thing Tim Tebow proved he was good at during the 2011 NFL season was rescuing a lost cause. Nobody gave the Denver Broncos a chance to make the playoffs and through a string of improbable do-or-die comebacks, Tebow lit the way to a division title and a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. His spirit and attitude became infectious to other athletes, drawing inspiration to their own sports. Lin was no different, admitting his reckless effort to make the Knicks roster came from watching Tebow defy odds on the gridiron. Now Tebowmania awaits its fate as the Broncos look to sign four-time MVP Peyton Manning. The move would guarantee Tebow getting traded and the number of teams interested in him isn’t high. He’s made a history of beating long odds, and if Manning goes to Denver he will have to do it again.

It’s rather strange seeing too of the biggest underdog stories of the past decade go through similar trials at the same time. Both Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow hit the sports world like a thunder-clap and now both must fight to keep their jobs. The New York Knicks and Denver Broncos are swept up in change. They can thank their two unlikely stars for keeping fans interested, but as the business of the NBA and NFL go, anyone is expendable. Ask Peyton Manning.

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