Can Jeremy Lin Trust Injured Knee If New York Knicks Advance?

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The NBA playoffs are full of just as many surprises as any other postseason in sports. Upsets happen all the time. Ask the San Antonio Spurs from last year. Jeremy Lin can only hope his New York Knicks can do the same.

Lin increases rehab as Knicks and Carmelo Anthony eye NBA playoffs

The biggest issue facing Lin isn’t whether Linsanity will still exist when he returns from the torn meniscus in his left knee. It’s whether he can play at full strength if the New York Knicks pull off an upset against the second-seeded Miami Heat. All news of late says Lin is right on schedule in his rehab. If the timetable holds the young point guard will return in time for a second round playoff series, should the Knicks fulfill their end of the bargain. When healthy he made New York a dark horse favorite for the finals. Without him their star player Carmelo Anthony stepped up and carried most of the load but experts don’t think he can shoulder them through a seven-game series against the best in the Eastern Conference. As they say the NBA playoffs are a different animal. Many don’t think the Knicks will make it to five games, much less win the series. However, a closer look shows their opponents may not have that dominant feel from last year.

LeBron James and the Miami Heat look more vulnerable than ever

The Knicks haven’t beaten LeBron James and his Miami Heat all season. Even when Lin was healthy and playing they could do nothing against the conference powerhouse. So why are a few fans and experts wary of giving Miami a cakewalk over New York? Recent games and nagging injuries are two reasons. After a lackluster loss to the Washington Wizards that dropped the team from a chance at the top seed, Miami again lost to the Boston Celtics. For those like Dwyane Wade with a bad finger injury, the playoffs can’t come soon enough. It’s not so much for wanting to start playing, but for the fact that things will return to a traditional NBA schedule. Teams will get proper time off between games to rest and recuperate. The Heat need time to take breath. They know if they’re caught flat-footed and ailing against New York, it could become trouble.

Jeremy Lin won’t get his chance at revenge against the Miami Heat and their hated leader LeBron James. He may reap the rewards if the New York Knicks and Carmelo Anthony can pull off the NBA upset of the year. Given the progress on his knee, fans may still get to see Linsanity again this season.

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