Can Kris Humphries Separate NBA From Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

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The year 2012 is a forgettable one for Kris Humphries. After a failed marriage, his NBA personal success couldn’t overshadow the struggles of his team. Now an imminent move to Brooklyn may add to his problems with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

New Jersey Nets move to Brooklyn magnifies unsettled season

Any basketball fan knows the New Jersey Nets expected to do well in 2012. Their team sat loaded with young talents like Humphries, Brook Lopez and star point guard Deron Williams. Instead, injuries and distractions derailed the season and the Nets franchise lost their last chance to make the playoffs before the team picked up and moved to Brooklyn. Humphries by no means is the cause of the friction. In fact, his personal play on the court was and still is the best statistically of his young career. While his feud with Kardashian hasn’t helped, other players and team staff share blame for why New Jersey fell apart so fast. Moving a franchise is never easy and winning is even harder right before a move. Kris Humphries did everything in his power to make New Jersey winners one last time. Now he’ll enter free agency and either come back to the Brooklyn Nets or leave wondering if his Kim problem truly did haunt him.

Kanye and Kim assure fans and Jay-Z their love is real

Love in the celebrity life comes with a grain of salt. While Kim Kardashian has a new ally against her former husband in music star Kanye West, many fans are skeptical their relationship is anything more than a “fling” or “business venture.” Even fellow music man Jay-Z, a good friend of West and part owner of the Nets franchise, got dragged in when rumors flew that Kanye called Kim “His Beyonce,” referring to Jay-Zs fellow star and wife. West quickly put his shots towards Humphries on hold in an interview and cleared the air saying he had feelings for Kardashian but never compared her to his friend’s wife. West often likes to bring his personal life in to his music; and in the new song Way Too Cold, he freely admits he fell in love with Kim. Such is the soap opera, the Nets, Humphries and NBA fans can’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard they boo.

Kris Humphries didn’t ask for the hand he got dealt. He certainly didn’t do himself any favors by fanning the Kim Kardashian fires. While not a direct reason, it certainly added to the frustrations of the New Jersey Nets. Kanye West and Jay-Z can sing all they want, but no amount of lyrics and beats can explain this ongoing soap opera.

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