Can Lindsay Lohan Look LIke Elizabeth Taylor for ‘Liz and Dick’?

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Elizabeth Taylor fans still aren’t buying into Lindsay Lohan playing their magical film heroine in the Lifetime film, Liz and Dick. They say she doesn’t even resemble the stunning screen goddess. Are they right or can a little makeup turn Lindsay into Liz?

That depends upon the eye of the beholder. Lindsay portrayed Liz once before for an Interview magazine cover, which is seen here. While some people think Lindsay looks remarkably like Ms. Taylor, others don’t see the resemblance at all.

Sure Lindsay can don a dark wig, pad her chest, change the color of her eyes with contacts and plump up her lips. She can’t, however, fake Taylor’s flawless porcelain skin or drop dead hourglass figure. Plus, Lindsay’s so-called vulnerability often reads fake where Liz’s was always present. It was a genuine part of who she was.

Lindsay has her own kind of unique beauty. That’s undeniable. However, it seems doubtful she’ll be able to pull off the beauty Elizabeth Taylor possessed naturally. It could be because Lindsay can’t radiate the internal beauty of Taylor. When Liz was beaming from the inside out, there wasn’t an actress in Hollywood who could touch her. Certainly not Lindsay Lohan.

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