Can Meryl Streep ID All The Lips She’s Kissed?

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Meryl Streep was challenged by Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday’s episode of her talk show to identify images of lips Streep had kissed during her career. The Academy Award winning actress apparently had some difficulty with the impromptu game when it came to certain pairs of lips.File:Streep san sebastian 2008.jpg Which of course makes sense, because the feel of kissing lips is going to be quite a bit different than a photo of those lips!

According to RadarOnline, Meryl Streep was stumped by the very first pair of lips shown asking, “I have no idea. Is that George Clooney?” It was actually Alec Baldwin’s. Correctly identified lips by the star of The Iron Lady included Clint Eastwood, Emma Thompson, Steve Martin, Albert Brooks, and Bruce Willis, who she didn’t even remember kissing. Anyone wonder if Bruce will be offended by having been forgotten by the amazing actress?

The most difficult set of lips for the 62-year-old to identify belonged to Sandra Bullock, who she kissed on stage at The Critics Choice Awards. Meryl Streep has been around, at least when it comes to being on screen! Her talent makes her a winning choice for many casting directors, so fans can expect to see her smooch at least a few other characters!

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