Can Miley Cyrus Get Out of This One?

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Miley Cyrus has done it again. New racy photos have surfaced of her with her assistant in some very compromising positions. Can the “Hannah Montana” star get out of this one? What can she do to explain herself to her fans?

Miley Cyrus better watch herself or her lucrative career could go down the tubes. Just weeks ago, her infamous video showing her smoking salvia from a bong circulated the internet, and now photos have emerged of her with her assistant, as the assistant pretends to lick one of Cyrus’ breasts. Miley feigns a look of shock for the photo.

According to RadarOnline, these photos were “supposedly leaked,” but with Miley Cyrus looking head on into the photographer’s lens, that likely isn’t the case at all. They were probably staged. But Miley Cyrus needs desperately to remember a thing or two about why she is in the celebrity position she’s in right now.

Miley needs first and foremost to remember that she, to millions of little girls all over the world, is “Hannah Montana.” And “Hannah” exudes a squeaky clean image that doesn’t include smoking from a bong and having another young woman supposedly lick her breasts. That kind of vulgarity could result in parents forbidding their daughters to watch/buy/partake of any of the “Hannah Montana” products and shows, and these are what made and continue to make Miley Cyrus rich.

Look at it this way. Miley Cyrus really isn’t all that talented. When she sings live it’s borderline horrendous. If she loses her “Hannah Montana” fans, they may not have the opportunity to grow into Miley Cyrus fans, and she could lose a large percentage of her fan base that way. Sure, she’s going to gain a fan base by smoking salvia and bearing her body parts, but that kind of a fan base is relatively fickle.

Can Miley Cyrus get out of this one? Will Dad Billy Ray Cyrus say that the entire incident of Miley posing with an assistant who pretends to lick her breast makes him “sad?” That’s what he said about the entire bong ordeal.

Note to Billy Ray Cyrus and estranged wife Tish: Reel Miley in, and do it fast. She’s headed down a scary road that could wind up in a very bad situation. And she is likely losing her real fans in the meantime.

Can Miley Cyrus get out of this one? What do you think?

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