Can Rob Kardashian Win ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

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Rob Kardashian has proven himself to a powerful contestant on Dancing with the Stars. And the other constants are recognizing him as a threat for the top spot. However, Rob may have advantage over the other dancers because of his large network and fan base. Since public votes help celebrities keep contestants in the competition, the Kardashian fans may be keeping Rob a threat.

  • Rob’s dancing is improving each week and the judges are noticing. His scores have always been right in the middle, meaning he is not present in the bottom and he is not in the top spot. This means people aren’t trying to beat him out, but he has been noticeably getting better, but not on a threatening level
  • Rob Kardashian is slowly getting higher scores, meaning he is slowly catching up to the front-runners. Derek Hough and Ricky Lake have been fighting for the top spot with J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff, but Rob is slowly coming in to take over the top spot
  • Rob Kardashian has a huge Twitter fan base. He has several million followers that vote for him every week. Social media allows people to get the phone number and vote without even watching the show
  • Due to his sisters’ empire, Rob has friends in high places. It is not just Rob’s Twitter followers that will vote for him; it is also his sister Kim’s followers totaling 11 million people, Kourtney’s 4 million followers and Khloe’s 5 million followers. And these followers are only Rob Kardashian’s three sisters. They don’t include his mother, Kris Jenner, and his two younger step-sisters Kendall and Kylie

In addition to those facts, the Kardashians are indeed making headlines due to Kim Kardashian’s marriage troubles and upcoming divorce from Kris Humphries. Although Rob is not directly involved in his sister’s marriage troubles, he is being asked frequently about Kim in the media. People are also watching Dancing with the Stars to get a glimpse of Kim and Kris.

Rob Kardashian’s dancing partner Cheryl Burke also has a personal fan base. She actually has the largest Twitter following than any other dance competitor on the show. Could Rob being her partner have something to do with that? J.R. Martinez doesn’t have such a large fan base as Rob, despite being a top contender.

However, Rob also has other factors working for him; Derek, Ricki Lake’s partner, has already won three times, so fans of the show may want someone else to win instead. Maksim and Hope’s fan base are turned off by the couple’s frequent fighting and attitude on the show. It’s not fun for their fans to watch. And last night, it was proved that Nancy Grace and her partner Tristan don’t have the numbers to stay in the competition.

Who do you want to win this season of Dancing with the Stars?

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