Can Ron Paul Win New Hampshire?

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Ron Paul received three small town newspaper endorsements this week after a strong finish in Iowa. The papers are all in New Hampshire’s “north country” where the total population of Littleton, Lancaster and Berlin total fewer than 20,000.

The newspapers that issued the endorsements are The Littleton Courier, Berlin Reporter, and Coos County Democrat. The opinion of those small town residents is that Romney isn’t strong enough to beat Obama. Do they really think that Paul is?

Romney did get an endorsement this week too, from former GOP Presidential candidate John McCain. However, Romney was on the receiving end of immediate attacks from Newt Gingrich after the Iowa Caucus.

Wondering where Huntsman was during the Iowa Caucus? He was in New Hampshire. He’s doing very well there and recent polls show him finishing fourth; however, anything could happen between now and next Tuesday. If Huntsman can find that surge that Santorum received to push him forward just days before voting began, the outcome in New Hampshire could be disappointing for Romney.

Ron Paul Hope

Still, Paul is fired up from his success in Iowa and is on the offensive in New Hampshire. He has responded boldly to Gingrich, who called his foreign policy “dangerous”, and even went after Huntsman Tuesday on Twitter. He will be participating in two televised debates this weekend where he’s expected to aggressively take on Romney and Gingrich.

If Paul finishes third or better in New Hampshire, he goes into South Carolina with very strong potential to win that state. Do the Republicans find Mitt Romney so distasteful that they will let Ron Paul make it to the general election? You can be sure that America will not be involved in senseless wars, all the troops will be home and taxes will not be raised if Ron Paul is President.

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