Can The Beckhams Give Their Children A Normal Life?

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David Beckham, America’s new “Wonder Boy” of soccer, and his wife, Victoria, the former Posh Spice, have already done a great deal to draw attention to themselves by the American media, and that of the rest of the free world. Their provocative, sexy poses made headlines everywhere. Perhaps their plan is to keep the attention on themselves, and off their children!

The more important question to ask is, “Will the Beckhams give their three young children a normal life?” Really, though, what is normal? I guess the answer to that question is as varied as are those who would answer it! The life my children had was certainly not “normal” to many of their friends. Through their high school years, we had family dinner most nights, even if it was just a delivered pizza. We planned our dinner time around our kids’ activities because it was that important to us as a family to maintain that ritual.  Read More . . .

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