Can Tim Tebow Thank Kim Kardashian for Peyton Manning Problems?

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Throwing blame around for typical NFL business is never fun for a pro athlete. Sadly, Tim Tebow has come to realize his honeymoon with the Denver Broncos is over. Did links to Kim Kardashian fuel the Broncos’ pursuit of Peyton Manning?

Sources claim Manning wants Denver Broncos or Arizona Cardinals

Winning a division title and a playoff game normally nets a quarterback a contract extension. That is what makes Tebow a special case. His unorthodox throwing style and the way he wins games doesn’t mesh with the perfect kind of personality he brings to pro sports. His leadership and charisma are what teams starve for, but the talent won’t fit with them. That’s why the Denver Broncos are in a spot to sign former Colt and future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning. Experts report that together with the Arizona Cardinals, Denver is a preferred landing-place for Manning. Though experts favored the Miami Dolphins for a time, their trade of Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall and failure to sign receiver Reggie Wayne has made that dream a long shot. If Manning becomes a Bronco, the team says it will juggle trade offers for Tebow with the favorite being the Jacksonville Jaguars. With that in mind, how has Tebowmania reached this point?

Kardashian, Lindsey Vonn and Taylor Swift rumors hurt NFL road

Searching for true love is not a crime in any business, but doing it publicly–no matter how much one denies it–brings unwanted distractions to a franchise. As Tim Tebow became a national craze, his name started getting linked with high-profile female stars. Among the biggest were Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn and music queen Taylor Swift. However, the persistent links to reality TV starlet Kim Kardashian may have tipped the scales against Tebow. Her notorious ongoing divorce with Kris Humphries and knack for leaving teams crushed in her wake of controversies are exactly what a low-key organization like Denver wouldn’t want. Not even public workouts or playing football with four-year-old Leukemia patients has stopped the Broncos from putting Tebow on the chopping block. Such is the sad truth of life as an NFL player. Nobody is safe.

Blaming girlfriend rumors alone aren’t fair to why Peyton Manning could take the Denver Broncos starting job from Tim Tebow isn’t all true. Then again the young man should have known that spending time with a Lindsey Vonn or Taylor Swift would have consequences. The NFL had to deal with Kim Kardashian once. Clearly the Broncos want to win, but also don’t want to be her next stop.

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