Can We Give Away/Transfer Swagbucks If We Decide To Quit The Program?

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I just have too many programs to do online and so am thinking seriously of quitting Swagbucks, as it's not been productive for me at all, and I just seem to waste my time over there, when I do much better elsewhere.

Question……I have 37 Swagbucks and would like to just give them away to somebody on here if I terminate my membership………is it/would it be possible to give them away, or would I completely lose them?  I know 37 really isn't a whole lot but still, I'd hate to throw them away!

Sure would appreciate some feedback here.  I'm on the computer too much and HAVE to cut way, way down on online time.  We're going to be completely remodeling our entire house in the not-too-distant future so I need to start cutting down now!


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