Can we honestly believe the Polls concerning Health Care and other political Polls?

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No public policy goal — no matter how important or well-intentioned — can be allowed to trample the protections and rights guaranteed by our Constitution.”  – Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

I find this statement funny considering all the changes they made in text books that essentially shove the Republican Agenda down children’s throats. We are seeing statements that 60% of Americans disagree with the new Health Care law. 60% huh? last time I checked, 100% of Americans havent been polled. Polls reflect the views of hundreds and sometimes thousands but never the veiw of the public as a whole. Also polls are biased to reflect the beliefs of a particular viewership.

Take the poll from CBS for instance.. According to it 48% disapprove.. Big difference from 60% claimed by some here on Gather. Also according to CBS:

Slightly less than half of those surveyed said they had followed the health care debate “somewhat” closely, while another 28 percent said they followed the action “very” closely. Roughly one in four said they did not follow the debate very closely or at all

Hmmm… What does that say about the people polled? That they followed a Party instead acting on their own judgment perhaps? Maybe…Maybe not. There are so many that just play follow the leader and its not just Republicans doing it. Democrats do it too. Perhaps equally so.

Now according to Fox News just 17% of people they polled approve of our current congress. 17% huh? OK.. and who are the majority of Fox’s Viewers? Conservatives. The 17% that approve are more than likely people that dropped by to show Democrats their support.

So of the estimated 308,924,805 people living in America we are supposed to believe that the views expressed by a few hundred or a few thousand represent the will of America as a whole?

Of course, just like the polls, this article is my opinion, 1 American Citizen’s opinion and does not reflect the views and/or beliefs of all non-conservatives. See how that works?

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