Can We Talk About This? 4AM on April 6 – Good Friday

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fileId:3096224744040154;size:inter; By Marty Salo

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I try not to be a doom and gloom type of guy, really.  I was reading, and there’s this guy out there, Webster Tarpley, who cited “well-known Russian journalist Andrei Uglanov” who said “Russian military experts” said the attack on Iran would start at 4 AM on April 6.  It will be code-named Operation Bite. (Atlantic Free Press, March 26)

Now, I’m not sure about the timing of the operation.  I doubt that it’ll happen, but it’s out there.  Military planners plan.  They probably draw up many many different plans that never get implemented.  

This article was written in Russian first, and supposedly, it has been talked about in the German and Italian Blogosphere for a while.  That’s a flag for me, but hey, it seems interesting.

I’d think this would have had to have been written before the British Sailors were taken captive.

This was supposedly a big Russian intelligence services spy organization that came up with the  timing, or whatever.

Maybe this operation was planned long ago, but I kind of have my doubts.


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