Can We Talk About This? Imus Sharpton and Jackson Jr.

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fileId:3096224744084097;size:inter; By Marty Salo

News Correspondent

I was reading today, Al Roker’s blog “No joy in the Imus Ordeal”, and I must say that it’s almost silly to the point of stupidity.

Perusing to MSNBC, to get the URL, I saw on the front page the CBS Radio has cancelled the show.

The real travesty here is not that Imus tried to be hip, and unknowingly insulted the Rutgers Scarlet Knights Basket ball team (I hope that’s the name that they use).

The real travesty is thatour own little taliban has been emboldened.  Sharpton does not need the spotlight.  I wish the media would not broadcast his hate speech and race-baiting.  

Where is the apology to the Duke Lacrosse players who did not ask to be labelled as rapists, and have their names drug through the mud by the dynamic duo who marched on the town of Durham, NC (I hope that’s the right town)?

Sadly, an apology probably is not forthcoming from the likes of Sharpton, and Jackson Jr.–one can hope, but it probably won’t happen.

They will most likely not go after their own who are successful in influencing culture to use words like “ho’s” to refer to women, but then try to tear down others when they try to borrow the language to seem hip with the younger generation of listeners. 

What do you think?  Am I being too cynical?  Should I be more hopeful that an apology will happen from Sharpton?

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