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fileId:3096224744037728;size:inter; By Marty Salo

News Correspondent

It might be tacky to start reciting “London bridges falling down,”but that’s what first comes to mind. 

It’s way too early to speculate that this could be an act of terrorism.  We don’t have firm numbers of dead.  Apparently, something did cause the train to derail.  Mass transit has been a favored means of attack in Continental Europe.  Well, also the tube (subway) in London.

It could make for an interesting time.

Also, I’ve seen something where Osama Bin Laden is trying to capture/kill Prince Harry (1st Luitenant Wales).  

I hope that this is just a mistake, but I fear that it could be something else. 





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Numerous Injured When Brit Train Derails
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By ROB HARRIS 02.23.07, 8:41 PM ET. A high-speed train traveling from London to Scotland derailed Friday night and sent carriages slipping down an embankment, killing at least one person and injuring 77, officials said.
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